Description of the Service «Greek Farms»

The Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food offers the business digital networking platform «Greek Farms», with a view to connecting consumers and traders with producers of agricultural products in Greece.

Visit the service Greek Farms «Greek Farms» .

1. Home page of the Digital Service «Greek Farms»

Search for available products, at the service of traders and consumers

Through the digital application, wholesale and retail traders as well as consumers can contact dynamic farmers/producers in Greece.

The service offers search options by category, group and type of product, combined with geographical criteria that cover every corner of the country.

2. Description of Basic Functions

The Central Screen is divided into three parts:

  • a) the application headline, with functions for producers only,
  • b) the left column, where search criteria can be found and
  • c) the main screen, where search results appear.

When entering the service you are always provided with the most recent producer entries.

A producer’s summary tab includes:

  • - the photograph the producer has chosen for his/her main product,
  • - the two main products made available by the producer,
  • - the producer’s identity information and
  • - the producer’s contact details (telephone, e-mail, web page).

3. How to Search for Producers and Products ?

In the digital service Greek Farms producers provide information on their available produce by:

  • • Product Category
  • • Product Group
  • • Product

You can make a search using the above criteria, as well as combined filters of geographical location and type of production activity.

To perform a search you must click on the “search” button.

Once you have applied your choices and clicked on “search”, the available information will appear on the central screen. At the same time you will see information about the total number of producers who fulfill the search criteria you used.

4. More on Search

Simple Search

To perform a simple search of a product, you can chose from the products offered by the digital service or type the first letters of the product you are interested in, to narrow down the available choices.

Then you can click on «search».

The data that match your search will appear on the central screen. You will be given information on the producers that can provide you with the product of your choice.

Combined Search

The digital service Greek Farms allows you to perform advanced or combined searches as well. Advanced searches can use all or part of the search criteria.

You chose from the choices of the filters the relevant values and perform the search by clicking on the “search” button.

In a similar way you can perform any combined search you wish.


Suppose you are interested in the Search
Category: Plant Products
Group: Vegetables

In the geographical area
Region: Voreio Aigaio
Regional Unit: Ikaria

Only for
Activity: Producer

5. Producer's Tab

Producer summary tabs appear on the front page of the digital service, in thumbnails that include his/her main identity and contact information, as well as their basic products. Every summary tab gives you access to the full Producer Tab. Chose “Producer Tab” on the summary tab of the producer you wish to “visit”.

A Producer Tab is divided into three parts.

  • On the left-hand side you can see the producer’s contact details, as well as his/her name and VAT number. You can also see a QR code that will allow you to store this information in a smart phone.
  • On the right-hand side you have the product tab which includes information on available products and their quantities. It also includes information on the producer’s activity, product certifications and any additional information the producer has entered in order to present his/her products in more detail.

6. Navigation and Action Buttons

To navigate to and from the functions of the digital service you can use the action buttons:

Search: to perform a search.

Cancel filters: to cancel search filters.

Return: : to return to the last screen.

Moreover, the back and forth buttons of the browser perform the basic navigation functions on the screen, as in all web-based applications.